One of the biggest complaints about the internet is the need for so many logins. Every website or service you use, every forum you post too, everything that uniquely identifies your activity on the web requires a username and password. Keeping track of all your passwords and usernames can be hard. Especially when some require long combinations of letters, numbers uppercase, lowercase, and special characters.

A benefits of having an all in one system is the reduction of such logins. It used to be that a business had its website one place, a blog somewhere else, and their email newsletter management somewhere else. This leads to 3 different logins for 3 different systems, at 3 different places.

A comprehensive system can help alleviate the redundancy of logging in to do related tasks. A blog is a part of your website. Whether you host it with a 3rd party system like wordpress, blogger, blogspot, or you host it yourself, your blog is part of your organization’s online presence.

In addition to consolidating logins, there are a number of other reasons for combining systems. Consider a blog that is hosted as an integrated part of the organizations website. It adds content to the website that able to be indexed by search engines. It has the same theme and layout as the rest of your website which provides continuity between your site and your blog. If that same blog was hosted on a 3rd party system, search engines would relate all of that content not to your website, but to wordpress, blogger, or whatever system you use.

The same argument can be used for 3rd party newsletter systems. You spend hours every month writing your newsletters, and you let them sit, unreachable, in your newsletter manager’s account, instead of content on your website. If you write something that is relevant to your organizations mission, and it fits the criteria for website content, it should be on your website. Not only will this provide more content for search engines to index, it will provide your visitors with more informationabout your and your expertise.

E-commerce solutions can also be folded into your website. So check another login off the list. This is not only a better system for you but for your users. If you require your blog readers to have an account to post comments, they will probably need another account for your shopping cart. Providing all aspects of your site under one system, will allow your blog readers the ability to shop from you with the same login information that they used for the blog. Thus giving them the ability to cross a username and password off the list.

Combining systems is a great way to reduce the stress that is maintaining a website and all of the things that go along with it. Image that from one place you can update your blog, make changes to your website, and send out an newsletter to all of your subscribers. This is not a fantasy, this is a Drupal website.


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Chris Hertzog

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