An Application Audit ensures your site will meet or exceed your expectations when deployed. An audit optimizes the site against recognized best practices, and executes automated testing to benchmark performance and identify gaps.

Why Do I Need an Audit?

An Audit by DropForge Labs can provide the following benefits:

  • Streamlined Site Launches. A DropForge Labs Application Audit helps mitigate the risk of critical issues creating unnecessary delays in launching your site by identifying potential problems, and proposing clear and specific remediation and optimization measures during development.
  • Incorporated Best Practices. Audits provide an independent assessment of your site’s development and deployment approach, with specific recommendations on Drupal best practices. By implementing best practices early, your Drupal team can benefit from the experience and insight of our seasoned professional services team.
  • Cost-optimized Drupal Activities. Application audits reduce potential development “re-work” activities and the on-going cost of ownership. Specifically, the audit identifies an optimal architecture prior to site launch, including performance, scalability, ease of maintenance and upgrades, and the on-going ability to extend and add features. By optimizing prior to launch, your business

What is Included?

DropForge Labs executes the audit in partnership with the site’s owners and development team. Specific activities may include:

  • Site architecture walkthrough and analysis
  • Contributed module review
  • Performance and scalability assessment
  • Content lifecycle management review
  • Configuration management review
  • Custom module walkthrough and analysis
  • High-Level security analysis

Following completion of the audit, DropForge Labs provides an Audit Report. This report details audit and testing results, documents any changes made, and outlines any recommendations for further pre/post-launch changes.